“Voyage with Tintin”

Suzhou Art Museum 2016.4.24

Suzhou Art Museum co-hosts the exhibition “Voyage with Tintin” with Qu Art Foundation. Tintin and The Adventures of Tintin has accompanied the growth of millions of teenagers since the 1980s when it first came to China.  He is the eternal hero and friend of several generations of readers, including me. When we are young, we all dream about sailing out, going into the forest and exploring the world as Tintin has done. To be brave, righteous and to hate injustice like a poison. To be loyal to friends and never surrender to enemies. To own a loyal and cute dog like Snowy and to have a friend who never leaves like Captain Haddock. Tintin boasts of beautiful aspirations and his light shines brightly of the best of human nature. Tintin has influenced our ideology, our ways of life and our goals. He has influenced all the people who love him from around the entire world.

Cao Jun
Director of Suzhou Public Art and Culture Centre and Suzhou Art Museum

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