THE REFLECTIVE EYE ”——Louisa Burnett-Hall solo exhibition2021.10.24-2022.1.9)

Qu Art Museum (SIP)

This is a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, a place of a reflective gaze.


Water is a subject matter that has abstract forms, can shift between figuration and abstraction. It is a representation of various world views. The interaction between streams and reflections resonates with the fluid nature and metaphorical connotations of water. When we surpass the tangible and approach the realm of boundless imagination, superseded is the previous context by an act of reflective gaze that redefines our world.


Louisa’s works respond to the force of nature interpreted through water, which echoes Chinese paintings having a long-standing tradition of finding nature in abstraction. Nature is the thematic matter of this exhibition that reveals the balance between figuration and abstraction. It provokes a sense of invisible rendering the subject continuing beyond the canvas edge, just as water is part of an infinite cycle beyond our vision, without boundaries. Inspired by the nature of water, the artist finds her own rules of abstraction that create openings for the imagination and does not dictate to the viewer. No perceptible right or wrong, those rules free the composition from any restrictions of perspective and gravity, presenting the awe-inspiring nature power, rendering time frozen. This is an opening created by the artist that enables people to dream, and to meditate. It is a way of exchange and transmission between humans the world over, and a dialogue between cultures that surpasses words.


It is an extraordinary moment when real emotion passes through a reflective gaze with no need for any words.

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