——2023The 6th SUZHOU JINJI LAKE BIENNALE(2023.4.15-2023.6.25)

Qu Art Museum (SIP)

One of the many beauties of culture is that it builds bridges across generations and continents. We become stronger and ultimately better off when we unite to share our ideas, aspirations and dreams. It is vital for us all to make geographical interconnections and, enriched through our differences, become better off. 

It is a real pleasure to present contemporary art in the city of Suzhou. This thriving modern metropolis with an ancient city at its heart makes Suzhou the perfect host for the 6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale. International contemporary art will be shown alongside contemporary and traditional art in a way that is fitting for a city that combines its rich heritage with impressive modern architecture and technological developments.

Thirty-eight artists from all around the globe will form a tantalizing international group exhibition. Visitors will find inspiration in these artists working across the disciplines, - painting, drawing, sculpture and installations showcasing the best of international ideas.

You can admire a selection of masterpieces from Modern and contemporary artists from Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Many have travelled the world during their career.

These artists have worked on major themes such as the colors of light, humanity, and nature. They understand that our planet is made up of countless cultures and contexts. Each culture brings a unique perspective that we can learn from and share. If we seek out our differences to learn from them, we can connect and find our commonalities. Though our cultures may differ, we all have a common thread within our humanity.  

We are all connected though nature. From the jungle to the city, nature plays a key role within all our civilizations, and has done so since the beginning of time. It brings us nourishment, wellbeing and art. Simply being in nature brings joy and sparks inspiration. Much of the art we see here is sourced using materials found in our natural world or inspired by nature. Nature is our foundation. It is where we came from, and we would not be where we are in the world without it.

With nature comes night and day, dark and light. There are challenges to be faced but light uplifts us. Light has been represented in art and culture for thousands of years. We are so drawn to it that we have brought it into our lives in many different forms. It is sought after and replicated using paint, jewels and gold, candles, gardens, flowers, and so on. We welcome the light when the sun comes out after a long winter; it brings with it joy and energy. In nature, our main image of light is the sun, and the sun passes on that energy to the plants, flowers, animals and more. Our hearts lift when we feel and see light. Artists take inspiration from this feeling and these emotions to create light within their pieces. 

We are all interconnected and rely on one another. By bringing together our nations though art, we can enrich our lives by learning from each other. Intercultural dialogue shared between nations strengthens and preserves peace. We are many cultures, but one humanity. 

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