——Solo Exhibition of Israeli Artist Raphael Perez(2023.8.1-2023.10.22)

Qu Art Museum (SIP)

Among Israeli artists, Raphael Perez stands out as one of the few, highly representative artists who expresses his emotions through an unseen force. Perez's works are filled with explorations of life's diverse layers. Vivid colours intersect with raw emotions, wild strokes dance among the myriad of hues.

This exhibition showcases several series from his creations where colour is most vibrant. They are like resemble fragments of a bright prism, each work radiating its own light and refracting a passionate narrative, embarking on a journey through emotions and personal identity. From metaphors of relationships to candid depictions of love, from affection and imagination for cityscapes to visual fragments that transcend imagined boundaries. His works, like personal diaries, possess an immersive rhythm, imbue the audience deeply resonating with his experiences, thoughts, and emotions. 

Through Perez's work, an intangible emotional world materializes on canvas, with colour becoming the resonance of emotion, intoxicating the senses. The paintings become a medium for the dialogue between the artist and the audience, enriched by vibrant colours and audacious strokes, to experience his emotions and fervour, to lose oneself and yet, find oneself in the intoxicating vortex of colours. Here, within the bounds of the canvas, the intoxication of colours leaps forth.

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