“Aesthetics of Paper” Pat Gentenaar-Torley &  "Elysium"Megan Rose2020.5.24-6.29)

Gallery on the 2nd floor of Shaanxi Province Art Museum

Aesthetics of Paper by Dutch artist Pat Gentenaar-Torley and Elysium by British artist Megan Rose are the two personal exhibitions that will be displayed in Shaanxi Province Art Museum. Though the two artists have different styles of art, with the distinctive tenderness of female artists, they both seek for surprising sensation and contemplation when exploring in nature.
Let’s look forward to the splendid spark brought by art exchange between the two artists!

The Dutch artist Pat Gentenaar - Torley’s roots were in fiber arts, primarily weaving. Later, she started to experiment with making paper sheets, using a screen and a vat of paper pulp. She also tried making images directly with paper fibers. Pat spreads individually colored plant fibers to create an “additive” system, something like that of apointillist painting. Her technique of paper pulp, been through the changes over years, have reached a high degree of excellence.
For the exhibition Aesthetics of Paper, we will present Artist Pat’s breathtaking works of pulp painting. These works have so much more delicate and rich details than traditional ways of painting that make the works come alive.
Megan Rose is a British rising artist. She finds her passion in nature and scenery, which intertwines and breeds her first series of works — Elysium.
The Elysium exhibition displays 13 works of oil painting that cast light on the reality. The essence of her works is the spiritual practice acquired from experiencing the fleeting nature. The direct way of expression and adventurous use of color fill her works of nature with a sense of Romanticism, delivering the artist’s inner world of purity to the broad audience.

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