“VISGAE””——Louisa Burnett-Hall  solo exhibition (2022.6.14-9.19)

Qu Art Museum (SIP)

Visage holds the present and the past, the visible and the invisible, the materialized and the vanished.

Louisa Burnett-Hall’s love for all is manifested in the depiction of portraits, landscape, ephemerals, energies and urban spaces. From the earliest portrait in this exhibition, “Jenny’, to the landscape and its fugitive moment, Burnett-Hall explores surfaces and connotations of all forms of existence.

Burnett-Hall responds to the underlying forces of nature that slowly shifting the land over millennia – the sublime rather than the picturesque. Landscape is the expression of energy with lines of movement; the presentation of ephemeral state of constant transition. In the artist’s works, the movement in the compositions, ambivalent forms and the oscillation of colours are the reflection  of contours of landscape created by time. 

Each fleeting moment,no sooner seen than vanished,is captured on the canvas. In here, we encounter the visage of time.

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