“VANITY——Hua Bin(2019.8.9-12.14)

Qu Art Museum
Hua Bin’s flower-and-bird paintings show us the unique visual perceptions. He is modern, for his intentions, constitution and colors are all in step with this era and the aesthetic taste of young viewers nowadays. But he is also traditional, every flower or bird from his paintings is expressed by traditional drawing techniques. It can be seen that the painter salute to the classics with his vitality and glorious paintings in the best combination of colors. In the process of innovation, Hua Bin’s paintings also inevitably absorb the excellent elements of other art, including the modern composition, in which the reference and digestion of Japanese paintings are more obvious, which is undoubtedly very important for his ability of color-control, especially in showing the characteristics of oriental paintings. Hua Bin's paintings reflect a younger mentality than his age. He comforts the modern minds with the beauty as flowers blooming. I believe that he will have more appreciators in the future.

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