“FUSION”——Heng·Gallery Dialogue exhibition​(2019.6.1)

Suzhou Art Museum / Tianjin Museum
Heng·Gallery Dialogue
"Fusion" is intended to dissolve the distance between time and space, let history and future, the East and the West blend into the present thinking, and construct a new order in a world of changing.
From ancient times to the present, both Chinese and Western, human pursuit and creation of beauty are almost perfect, and a large number of handed down masterpieces in garden design are filled with people's various introductions and insights about beauty, leaving behind more than marvel to future generations.
A conversation between Mr. Ling Junwu, former dean of Suzhou Print Institute and Dutch paper aesthetic artist Pat Gentenaar Torley, One is the detachment of garden, another is the story and the beauty of time. Two very special technique on the "paper" express a painting-like aesthetic, let’s wait and see for the two artists to reinterpret and understand the "Fusion".

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