“ISLE”——Sun Yao Solo Exhibition2021.5.30-7.30)

「ISLE:SELECTEDQu Art Museum (Gusu)
「ISLE:OPUSQu Art Museum (SIP)

Every human being is an isle.

To the south of the isle is a gentle sea, with waves touching the soft sandy beach and retreating reluctantly. Romance comes so inadvertently. There is full of steep cliffs to the north of the isle, with waves shouting with arrogance, like a roar from the depths of darkness, judging everything eagerly.

The Isle here is mysterious, unknown, and fascinating. Passing through the thickset, wading across the river, the stars and the sea. Everything comes towards you, but changes rapidly and unpredictably. Sun Yao once said, ’Scenery is often a projection of the heart, so it expresses the will and the emotions through the scenery.’ He is keen to feel the details of things. In this process of perception, he experiences and discovers the connection among different things. This also leads to Sun Yao’s special way of expression. Sun Yao likes to paint with lots of heavy impasto brush-work, using the texture of the paint to communicate form and movement, instead of relying only on colour and shape to tell a story. His works make people feel that they are immersed in his visual world. Everything is changeable, melting with each other. He interprets the moment when nature is frozen in another way. Looking closer at his works, the delicate brushstrokes create deep tones, like a stream that moisturises people’s hearts softly and gently. From a distance, the audience will instantly feel the powerful explosive force, as if the visual impact of movement and the heavy colour directly touch their soul.

Every human being is an isle, unique and distinct of one’s own.

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